Friday, March 9, 2018


I'm very grateful that Wa'a is participating in Upstart online preschool. I have always known about it and knew many people who's children benefited from it, so I knew I wanted Wa'a to give it a try.

Wa'a is not a lover of hard mental work. If he doesn't immediately understand what is asked of him, he gets very frustrated from the get go and feels so overwhelmed. I feel sad to see him have self doubt when he struggles. But with major persistence and work, he has grown so much and learned more than I could have imagined!

The sessions are getting harder and harder and they are wanting Wa'a to be able to read 3 letter words. He is back to feeling lost and upset, so we are working more than ever to jump this hurdle. It is a fight to even get him to do his homework and even sit still. It is a challenge for both of us. Bless his heart.
Along with his preschool, I am grateful for the many available programs, materials, and teachers who make learning fun and possible for children. I do as much as I can at home, and feel blessed there are many more ways to encourage and help his young mind.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Snow play

The flu got me down real bad. But the sun peaked out of the clouds one afternoon, and I couldn't help but get the kids dressed and get us all outside to enjoy the fresh snowfall. It was so glorious, I cried later that night thinking about it. After being stuck inside for 2 whole weeks, it was such a wonderful feeling to feel the sun and enjoy the beautiful snow. I was not wearing snow gear, but I did not let that stop me from getting down on my knees to make a snowman and a snow angel. It was a tender mercy, not to mention such a fun time with my kids. We had a snowball fight, explored the yard and knocked down icicles. 

I love this picture. I carefully broke this off to we could compare the size to Wa'a. It was huge! And heavy.

snow angels!

It felt amazing!

In the truck! We didn't get it put away in time before the snow. I'm hoping it still works when summer comes...

shameless selfies that I sent to Erwin to show him our fun.

Our little snowman

This girl looooves eating snow and ice.

He didn't want to go inside. Maybe next year we'll be able to go sledding or even snowboarding!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

My turn

I have not been this sick for this long in....years and years and years. Thursday night I started feeling very under the weather. I woke up Friday and was in so much pain in my stomach and lower back. It was excruciating. I felt like I had been hit by a train and could not believe how awful I felt. Erwin left for work and I literally laid on the floor while my kids watched T.V. all day. I called Erwin at work crying and he eventually was able to come home around 3 p.m.

Saturday was worse. I couldn't move. I had body aches and chills with a raging fever and stuffed up nose. I felt sick and couldn't eat and went to my room and slept for hours-something I never do. My mom found out I was sick and brought dinner for a few days and offered to stay with the kids while I went to instacare. Erwin and I were grareful and went on our way. It was packed with sickies and I still looked like the worse one there.

The nurse took one glance at me and told me I looked like death. She kept commenting on how awful I appeared, and instead of feeling insulted, I felt tired. She sat me down and told me they were going to swab my nose. She warned me it would hurt. did. She went so far up that I swore she touched my brains. And it hurt like hell. So much so that I cried afterward. 
Test came back positive for flu. They prescribed me Tamiflu and I eventually got to home after all those hours.

This illness knocked me flat on my face. It has been one whole week, and every day has been just as miserable as the first. Sleepless nights and a failing body was torture, and I felt so helpless. 
I eventually started to feel better, and then my head cold got worse. And now I am suffering from an extremely painful earache that is getting me down again. I have cried, slept, and cried some more from how down I felt in so many ways.

Erwin has truly shined with me being sick. He never could get work off to stay home with me (it's just not a blessing that we can have with his employment) but he would rush home the second he could and then took completely over. He took the kids out of the house to run errands, let me shower, make me food and put me to bed. He became the new "mom" to the kids and stepped into full time parent role like a champ. It was amazing to watch him clean, cook and take care of the kids while I hid in my room the entire time. He was worn out after a days work, but he never faltered.

Waiting at instcare

I was told to wear a mask all day since I was still infectious

Waa tried to hard to take care of me and get me anything I needed. He was truly an angel.

Erwin played race cars with Waa at the end of every day to engage play time since I was too sick to do anything with them.

Erwin slept with the kids every single night for over a week to give me my space. (and so he wouldn't get sick)

These beautiful flowers are from Meags, my sister in law. It was so kind of her to do and they have helped brighten my home and cheer me up from my funk. <3
The Rivas' also brought me oranges, bread and cards. What blessings!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Rough week

My kids are no strangers to getting pretty sick. We can have long stretches in between, but when it hits, it's usually pretty bad. This past week was no exception, and I am exhausted. I have gotten an average of 3 hours of sleep a night, cleaned up more puke out of hair, clothes and sheets than I'd care to, and given lots of tylenol. Things are on the mend, hallelujah. 

This was the start of it all. Puke all over me while rocking her to sleep.

4 nights in a row I slept on the pull out couch with Waa while Clara slept with Erwin.

Long day naps are a huge sign something is wrong. Wa'a's all started with a cough.

Wa'a had a fever of 100-101 degrees for 3 days straight. Meds only helped for a little while.

They found comfort in each other.

Now, I am not the mom who thinks my kid just has a cough and then nurses them back to health with some cough syrup and rest. That is because with my kids (mostly Wa'a) it is never just a cough. So the fact that I waited 4 days to take him to see the Dr, was new for me. On day 4 of fever and cough, my mommy gut screamed to take him in. He was lethargic, wheezy, feverish and coughing.

His oxygen stats were so low, that they gave him two rounds of a nebulizer. When that didn't work to help him breathe, they got worried. It broke my heart to see him struggle and so sad.

We got him on his asthma meds and a heavy steroid right away. He also had a double ear infection, which explained the fever. He didn't cry or complain about his ears once, so I felt so bad.

Daddy stayed home from work and was a huge help. This is round one of breathing treatments.

Clara's cough sounded awful so they were nice and checked her out too. She was a stinker.

They wanted to see Wa'a back the next day to check his stats. I was late to the appt, and didn't know why my mind wasn't in the right place. I dragged a crying and whining Wa'a and a poopy Clara out the door and hurried back to the Dr. I changed Clara in the office, and tried everything in my power to get her to stop slamming all the drawers all while trying to get Wa'a to stop crying so loud. It was a rough appt. But Wa'a's lungs sounded much better and we were cleared to go home and finish meds.

This picture sums up how we each felt.

The rest of the day was spent with both kids crying their eyes out and both fighting to be held. It was such a rough day. Bed time came SO early and I was grateful.

He usually is so good at taking his meds. Not this time.

I am so grateful for modern medicine and the ability to be there for my babies when they feel awful.