Saturday, May 26, 2018

Grandma Kua's funeral and Hawaii

We went to Hawaii very last minute to attend Erwin's grandma's funeral. We stayed for one whole week. (Longest we have ever been able to stay) This trip was jam packed full of emotions and was insanely exhausting, but also so sweet and tender.

We woke up at 3 a.m. to get to the airport. It was exhausting, and Wa'a had woken up with a terrible cough.

First flight was to Arizona and was very smooth. Clara slept the whole time. As did Erwin. hehe.

Flight from Arizona to Hawaii was a nightmare. Not only for me bc of my anxiety to fly, but for everyone!

There were problems with a hydraulics button in the cockpit. We sat on the tarmac and then went back to the gate twice. Twice! Then they offered to let us get off the plane bc fixing the problem became so complicated, they didn 't want anyone to be stuck any longer in the plane. 

Erwin and Ally stayed on the plane with our luggage, and I took the poor restless kids by myself off the plane.

They had some sandwiches and chips for all of us, which was a lifesaver. The three of us of found a couple of spare seats to eat.

Clara kept running off, but Wa'a was too sick to help me run after her. I panicked every time I had to leave him to try to catch up to her. I was starting to feel emotionally overwhelmed.

Wa'a then threw up twice. All over the chair the first time and then all over his shirt the second time. I lost it. I burst into silent sobs and could barley see through the tears as I tried to wrangle Clara and then take care of Wa'a. All while cleaning up puke and managing the stares being thrown my way.
Luckily, a sweet mom (who was also on my flight) came over and offered me plastic bags and a ton of wipes and napkins. I then started to cry even harder and was so embarrassed that I was having a break down in the airport by myself, and was a total mess. I could barely thank her through my tears, let alone look her in the eyes, but it meant so much that she came to serve me.
I had to take off Waa's shirt and then we got even more stares bc of my half naked son. I was irritated and tired.

Luckily Clara slept a few hours of this long 7 hour flight. And when she was awake we watched a few movies and played. Pretty soon I had to take her out of her car seat, and luckily we were sitting in bulk head seats, so she didn't bother anyone in front of us with her jumping and kicking. Overall she did well. Wa'a was miserable on the other hand.

We arrived to Kauai! I left my computer on the plane, our luggage took forever to get and both kids had wet themselves. I wanted to cry again.

The trips was filled with lots of family, friends and ward members and getting ready for Grandma Kua's funeral. It was busy, but I honestly like it better like that. And it was fun to see lots of people that we hadn't in years! As well as meet a two nieces and a nephew of Erwin's for the first time.

We were kindly given a room to sleep in at my in-laws house. The four of us shared a bed and we had to get creative to make us fit, but we totally did it and I was proud. The kids adapted pretty well to the time change.

We really enjoyed getting to stay with the Zempos and getting to know cousins better. Benjie became Wa'a's great pal while there.

Lots of laughs and smiles

Took the kids to the beach! It was cold and a bit drizzly, but we enjoyed it

Erwin was gone somewhere while I was trying on some beautiful white dresses from Erwin's mom. He asked me to take a pic of me in them, and he teased me about one that had huge puffy sleeves. I couldn't pull it off I guess.

The heat and time difference had my kids napping a lot.

Watching a few movies helped get Clara sitting in one spot while we were busy running around.

Clara selfie.

The day of the funeral finally came and I didn't see too much of Erwin as he was busy helping with many things. I knew that Clara would never sit still for hours worth of things, so I prepared myself ahead of time to take care of her and get someone else to watch Wa'a. And I was right! 
But the viewing was so nice, and going to the cemetery as well. The actual funeral I was with Clara the entire time in the hallway or the nursery room, so I missed it all.

We did not prepare Wa'a adequately423 for what a funeral entails. He was so confused and frightened with everyone sobbing around him, that he started to cry himself. I felt awful. But I so appreciated his tender heart when he saw Erwin lose composure. He put his arm around him and comforted his daddy. 

I really enjoyed the live music and singing. It was such a beautiful thing to hear.

At this particular cemetery, they allow you to bury the coffin. I had never witnessed this before, and it was actually incredibly tender to see people take turns to help say goodbye and bury Grandma Kua.

I waited in the car with my new sister in law while Erwin finished burying Grandma Kua. Clara had fell asleep and sitting down was a nice rest. We then went to the church for some food.

It was such delicious food!

We chatted with cousins and more family. It was nice.

Wa'a picked a coconut for Wa'a on or walk home from the church.

Clara loved cuddling this massive bear.

Most of the cousins at the hale with Aunty Rach.

I loved seeing this full rainbow while there.

Food, games and fun with lots of family we don't see often.

Grandpa was so sweet with Clara. He saw her sweeping, so he joined in to help her.

Baby snuggles from cousin Nathan.

Water time outside with cousins. They all loved it and the giggles were the best.

Erwin helped stretch his dad's back. They haves similar pain problems.

Wa'a kissed my baby belly a lot and saying hello to his brother.

The heat came hotter each day with the sun. It was beautiful.

After lots of family and friends, just the immediate aunts and uncles and cousins went out to eat with grandma and grandpa. It was so nice and such a generous treat! We loved it. 

Lots of car sleeping for the kids.

On our second to last day there, we had little bit of free time to ourselves. We got Erwin's favorite local food, went to the mall to play arcade games, shopped and then went to the beach. It was so nice to relax and just go with the flow. And of course to see Erwin's back at his old stomping grounds.

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On our last day, Erwin was asked to go serve some ward friends who had a family member pass away. He was gone for almost 6 hours, so I passed the time packing, sleeping and getting ready to leave that night. It was a long day for all of us.
We headed to the airport with grandma, grandpa and Aunty Ally. It was a sweet goodbye and we felt grateful for their incredible generosity toward us the entire trip.

I prayed my guts out that the flights home would be easy. And they were. Both kids slept most of the long flight to Arizona. I got no sleep, but what is new! We almost missed our connecting flight home, and it was the funniest thing to see Wa'a run along side us with his pants falling down around his ankles every 5 seconds. (they were way too big on him)

But we made it to the airplane! It was small, not a super smooth flight (or landing! yikes) And both kids did relatively well.

It was so nice to have answered prayers and get back home to our beds.

HUGE shout out to Aunty Ally for all her help to and from Hawaii. We would have been a mess without her constant help and support!!

This trip was such a blessing for ALL of us to be there, and I feel grateful for those who made so much of it all possible and the chance my kids got to have to meet so many people and see their dad's home.

It was also a trip where I cried almost every day, especially because of Clara and trying to deal with our first trip together and dealing with her autism. But I was grateful for some family members who supported me when I felt out of place, and especially with Clara and some of the issues we faced with her.

I am grateful Erwin got to be home to say goodbye to his grandma, whom he loved dearly. We will miss Grandma Kua's voice, her singing and her laugh!