Monday, May 22, 2017

I have been so incredibly pleased with the flowers in our yard this year. Not only do I love the ones I recently planted, but our 2 rose bushes are in full bloom, and I really do mean full! I love that one bush is pink and the other purple. They are huge, beautiful roses, and not to sound cheesy, but I seriously gush when I look at them. I also love the small pink and red annuals that pop up every year as well, and the bright colors they add. 
Gosh, I love spring!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Mother's Day

Mothers' Day was simple, yet so nice. 
 I enjoyed my day and felt loved by my family.
I was also blessed with the thoughtfulness of others that helped me feel even more loved and uplifted.

Erwin managed to make me breakfast and I managed to eat it, even though we were scrambling to get to 9:00 church! Yum!

My ward had the Elders Quorum take over all the classes, so every single woman got to be in RS together and enjoy a talk from the Bishop. After his words, we were served a divine slice of cheesecake! I've never had that given to me at church. We loved it!

This picture defines Motherhood, doesn't it? Crying, tired and hungry, with a finger up somebody's nose.

Motherhood is also full of hugs and smiles and joy.

And always lots of kisses.

It was a great Mother's Day gift to have every single person nap at the same time! ;)

My card from Kekai

My card from Waa. (the cards were his idea. He loves to give me his treasures from outside. Sweet, isn't it?)

My sister sent me these flowers along with the vase. She is always so thoughtful in remembering me, and they smell great!

My Visiting Teachers left these on my doorstep. Aren't they gorgeous? I have always wanted a hanging flower plant in my yard! I was so pleased!!
I insisted Erwin not buy me anything, with money being so tight. But he saw me eyeing these earrings at a local boutique near our home, and he bought them for me so I could have a gift to open. I really love these! Thank you, Erwin.

My parents gave me this book along with a necklace. I was very touched and look forward to reading it. The title alone makes me tear up.

Not pictured is also a card from the Rivas family. (Wa'a hid it in his room somewhere...)

I am so grateful that I am a mother. I am grateful for my husband and kids who support me as a mom and are so loving and forgiving of me on this journey of motherhood. I am blessed with love from friends and family who lift me up as a mother, and of course, I give all my thanks to my Heavenly Father who has allowed me to help raise two of his precious spirits.
I often wonder if we will be able to have more than 2 kids. But I sure am beyond lucky to have my son and daughter and to call them mine for eternity. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Gone Fishin'

Erwin and Josue have got a major fishing itch. They bought rods (Erwin has actually owned one for a while now, but he bought Wa'a one), they swap fishing info via texts and videos, and go fishing about every weekend either together or alone. 
They were starting to get really bummed and a bit frustrated that the two fish lakes they go to, were proving fruitful for everyone else, but them! 
The Rivas' have an old friend who is a fisherman of sorts, and he offered to get together with our families to help teach and give tips about fishing. 
Dinner was provided and while some people fished, everyone else and the kids sat on camp chairs and ate and talked.
I was feeling very sick that day, so I stayed home with Clara while Erwin took Wa'a to go fish.

They finally had success! I was a bit disappointed that I missed seeing Erwin in person finally catch something, but the pics and videos he sent were great. Erwin was so excited and Wa'a was in heaven. First catch of the summer! Wahoo!!

To be honest, I had no idea that Erwin knew how to clean fish. I had always known that he had fished before or had some family who did as well, but I did not think he had much knowledge of it despite all that--mostly bc he never told me!
To my pleasant surprise, I watched him gut and clean out his two fish, and then fry it up for dinner. He says he cooked them just like his Gma Kua did, and thought they were delicious!

Killing the fish actually stressed Wa'a out. He kept asking why the fish was bleeding and asked Erwin to get them a band aid. He didn't understand what we were doing, and really wanted them to "not have ouchies."
 It was very sweet, but I did feel a little bad about how sad he seemed.

The final product!

One happy guy!

Aaron's birthday activity!

For Aaron's first birthday the Rivas fam invited everyone to the Heber Valley Railroad. I thought it was a great idea to get out and do a fun activity, and we were looking forward to it all week. The day of, it was raining lots and it made the drive through Provo canyon a little bit nerve wracking. But the scenery of all the lakes was breathtaking and we were able to enjoy the drive.
Luckily, the rain stopped when we arrived, and we were all bundled up bc of the cooler weather. Except Ally and me of course. ;)

Inside the building next to the train, these two young boys were playing music and it was so fun to wait and enjoy their sound.

Outside they had some cowboys have a gun fight! It was super loud and startled a lot of the kids, but it was also funny and they handed out candy at the end. 

Finally on the train and ready to go!

They had some young adults walk the aisles and entertain us and had us do dance competitions and tell jokes, etc. I got all sweaty from dancing with Clara in the aisles. 

The scenery was breathtaking. I could definitely have a cabin up in this area and live there. Ally agreed.

I ended up standing almost the entire time bc Clara would not sit still. It was a bit frustrating. But I danced with her, let her walk up and down the aisle and we looked out the window together. 

I personally love this picture!

The cousins at the end. Thanks Rivas' for a fun birthday activity!